You can get an annual membership or support with a donnation


Pay the membership:

Nykredit Bank, Reg nr. 8117 Konto 2882536.  

Mobile Pay: +45 23 32 50 15

Foreign payments:

IBAN: DK 6081117000288


Dania Foreningen/Dania Association

Jens Dam, Loevenholmen 7, DK – 2720 Vanløse

Nykredit Bank, Denmark, Gammel Kongevej 124, DK- 1850 Frederiksberg C


Enkelt person 375 kr. (50 €)
Par 500 kr. (75 €)
Små virksomheder 1.500 kr. (200 €)
Firma-medlemskab 4.500 kr. (600 €)

NB: Remember to registrer personal information!   You are ofcause welcome to support our work with a donation. Paying 50€ you register as an annual member. Do you pay more you are registered as a donor and you are automatically a member for a year. We thank you for your engagement!