We offer two different kinds of support:

Economical support in Greece or EU

The young people can apply for economical support for studies, higher education or apprenticeship, including relevant internship or other professional training in Greece or elsewhere in EU.  

ATTENTION! In 2020 (application before november 1th 2019) we will concentrate the Dania support for students attending/applying for educational support in Greece.

We offer a stay in Denmark

To prepare the young for the stay in Denmark they and there parents will recieve information on Danish society and social conditions, culture and traditions with a particular focus on life for young students, traditions for education and specific schooling. The stay in Denmark will be customized for the specific person, her needs, skills and wisches for the future. 

The young person can apply for a stay at IPC i Helsingør, Denmark www.ipc.dk/ (International People´s College), where teaching will be in english. During the stay the young person will live at the school. There will always be one or more contactfamilies/-person associated with the young person, to assure support and a social network. Besides a professional aim, the stay is just as much aiming at giving the young person an experience for life, with challenges, education and students life in a different culture. This supports a personal development with new perspective on life and the world, friends and a new network for the future.

Requirement to apply

To apply, the young people has to be between 18 og 23 years old and live in Plomari or nearby. The motivation has to be of substance, and good school grades and knowledge of english is a condition. Furthermore the economical situation for the families has to reflect a relevant need.

The applications are considered on basis of interviews with the young conducted by one or two people from the board and a greek representative. The economical aspect will be considered by an independent professional person on the basis of relevant taxpapers and local insight. The entire board then takes a position on the application. 

The support will be individual, and as required. Usual an establishing amount is paid if the young person has to go to another town or city. And then a monthly amount is paid as agreed. However they must submit grades after the semester tests and prove that they are in progress.

The latest results from school or  study attended, information on educational plans, name of School or College, copy of taxpapers from both patents, copy of E.9 - and last but not least, a short essay about yourself and your family.