We want to help the qualified but economically troubled greek youth to a better future.

We want to secure the young students a students stay in Denmark or support them in their studies in Greece or Europe. 

We want to give the young people an experience for life.


Because Greece is seriously challenged and the greek youth in particular are paying the price for with the economical crises. Students fees and higher demands keeps a large number of young people from acces to education because of the tight economy. A lot of families do not have the possibility to support their young people economically in their aim to qualify to acces higher education. For the qualified but economically troubled young students this is a very difficult and futile situation - this was why the idea to establish the Dania Association.

In the beginning of 2012 apr. 30 danish families with connection to the greek village of Plomari established the “Dania Foreningen” - "The Dania Association" .

Dania means Denmark in greek but The Dania Association is not only for danes! 

The students supported by The Dania Association, are recruited from the village of Plomari and its immediate surroundings on the Island of Lesbos.

The association has an unpaid board and the entire income is used to pay all costs in connection with studies in Denmark or a monthly support for higher education in Greece or EU. The Associations income mainly comes from a membership donnation, sales of an annual calendar and from the Summer Festival that is arrangend in Plomari every year. The costs for administration etc. are kept on an absolute minimum.

What are the membership advantages? You support the some of the young people of Plomari to get an education, weather it is on The International "Folkehøjskole" in Denmark or support for higher education in Greece or elsewhere within EU. 

Apr. 3-4 times a year you receive a Newsletter in english telling how the work in the Association is progressing, and keeping you updated on how the young students we support live and breathe in their studies. Often they write a diary-like report.

Last updated: 2018-08-07