To help young Greek people from Plomari, Lesbos, Greece, who has finished high school with a students stay in Denmark for 5 months or an economical support for higher education in Greece or elsewhere in EU. 

To apply, the young people has to be between 18 og 23 years old and live in Plomari or nearby. And the economical situation for their families has to reflect a relevant need and that a economical support is essential to continue education in or outside Greece.

Personal development

Besides a professional aim, the stay is just as much aiming at giving the young person an experience for life, with challenges, education and students life in a different culture. This supports a personal development with new perspective on life and the world, friends and a new network for the future.

Requirements for the student

To have an application considered does the young person have to master good english skills, as the stay in Denmark will be in a school with an english-language teaching. Improved english skills is also an important aim. 


The stay will adapt to the needs, abilities and wishes for the future of the individual young person. The stay will be at a Folkehøjskole in Denmark. The support will be individual, and as required.

Education in danish culture 

Before going to Denmark, the young person will receive instruktion in frequently used Danish glossaries, orientation about Danish customs and traditions, Danish humor, and general knowledge about the lives of young people in Denmark.